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Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club Of Alabama Birmingham Chapter
The Buffalo Soldiers & Troopers Motorcycle Club of Alabama, Birmingham
Chapter was founded by Joseph "Ace Outlaw" Hill in September 2006 with
the dream ans passion to create a positive image for African Americans in
this city and across the nation. The National Association of Buffalo
Soldiers & Troopers Motorcycle Club is an organization that participates
in a multitude of functions to educate and raise money for various
charities. With the amazing history of our ancestors, we take pride in
empowering the minds of our youth with knowledge and honor to keep the
legacy of the Buffalo Soldiers alive.
In August of 2006, Joseph "Ace Outlaw" Hill, attended the National Roundup in Fort Pierce
Florida along with Grover Burns, Sebastian Dixon and Donald Webber. During this trip they met
a group of guys called The Buffalo Soldiers. This is where the journey began. There after,
Joseph began to live and breathe Buffalo Soldiers. He first met Iceman, President of the
Huntsville Alabama Chapter. He later found out that the National President, Thomas "T.C."
Costley, was also in attendance. He then began a relentless search and found the man he was
looking for. Immediately they connected. Calling home, he informed his friends about his
experience. We knew then, he was a changed man. He was a man on a mission.
In September he and his love, Charlotte Garrett, made a trip to Huntsville Alabama and
gathered all the information needed to get the ball rolling. They then traveled to Georgia with
the Huntsville Chapter to meet more Soldiers, At that point it was done. Joseph decided that
Birmingham was going to have a chapter of The Buffalo Soldiers. He made a list of friends and
fellow officers, whom he knew would be good Soldiers, and called them up. Joseph asked some
and told others, that he wanted them to come on board. Of course, they all followed without
The first meeting was held September 9th at the Touchdown Café. He expeditiously ordered
T-shirts for the next ride to Mississippi where many Soldiers were in attendance. Those who
rode included Joseph Hill, Terizan Tolbert, Walt Williams,and of course many other followed,
even in the bitter cold. There he presented the first group of Birmingham Chapter Buffalo
Soldiers, Roosevelt Brock, Sebastian Dixon, Walt Williams, Steve Debrow and our first associate
and first lady, Charlotte Garrett. History was in the making. There following, Joseph recruited 25
strong Soldiers. As we know, shortly thereafter life brought about a change in Denham Springs
Lousiania. The founder of the Birmingham Chapter, Joseph "Ace Outlaw" Hill, went home to
Glory. He was killed in a tragic accident but he saved the life of his special lady, Charlotte
Garrett, and before he left us, he brought  together many friends to create a strong vision. As a
man with a dream, who carried out his mission with zeal, he showed the true meaning of
leadership as a True Man as well as a Buffalo Soldier.
We can and We will continue to keep his dream alive and educate future Buffalo Soldiers as well
as the youth in our community, and the Birmingham Metropolitan area.
Joseph "Ace Outlaw" Hill
June 26, 1961 to October 15,2006
"One Club,One Patch,One Mindset"