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Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club Of Alabama Birmingham Chapter
Hello my name is Julius "Smoke" Merritt and on behalf
of the Birmingham Chapter of Buffalo Soldiers and
Troopers Motorcycle Club we would like to welcome
you to our website. We are an organization of
professional men and women who are dedicated to
serving our communities by volunteering in Schools,
Churches and Orphanages to teach the rich history
of the Buffalo Soldiers of the 1800's,particularly those
of the 9th and 10th Cavalries. We ride our
motorcycles (Iron Horses) to emulate these
individuals who fought fearlessly so that all
Americans can share and enjoy the freedoms we
have today. If you are a motivated motorcyclist and
would like to become a part of an elite group of men
and women, We welcome you to join the closest
Buffalo Soldiers Chapter in your area. We have over
100 Chapters Nationwide and overseas.
Julius "Smoke" Merritt
President's Corner
"One Club,One Patch,One Mindset"